Frequently Asked Question

  What is E-Ticket ?

The easiest and quickest way to fly, with no worries.

What is it?
A paperless air ticket. E-ticket is available for all domestic destinations and most international and intercontinental flights. For more info about destinations, contact the call center . E-ticket can only be used on Alitalia Group flights. Tickets are valid for the named passenger only and are not transferable.

• You can buy it over the phone or on the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• You can book it up to one hour before departure and pay for it right up until the flight closes
• It can’t be lost, stolen or left behind
• No waiting for paper tickets to be issued

Where to get it
• On this website, paying by credit card
• Contacting the call center and paying:
- directly over the phone by credit card;
- at the "Bancomat" ATM cash points of the following banks: BNL, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Banca di Roma, typing in the code supplied by the call center operator;
- at Alitalia ticket offices and travel agencies
• At the Alitalia airport and city ticket offices
• At travel agencies
An official receipt will be issued at all payment points and/or check-in desks. If you use a "Bancomat" ATM cash point, the receipt will be issued at the end of the transaction.

At the airport
Before boarding, all you have to do is go to the check-in desks and show your ID document. If you’re travelling in Italy from Rome to national destinations with only hand luggage, you can use the fast check-in.

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