Travel in the footsteps of Thai railway history

Travel by railway

Various ways to travel, driving by yourself, taking a tour bus, or a flight. However, there’s another mode of travel worth experiencing, the train. Ideal for those in no rush, seeking a relaxed journey with scenic views. Let’s check a journey through 5 train routes that are worth exploring.

Kanchanaburi railway

First route, the historical Maenamkwai railway line in Kanchanaburi province. Take a train ride to the Krasae Cave station. This railway line was constructed during World War II by the labor force of prisoners of war. It’s a daunting route, only 400 meters long, curving along the side of the Kwai Noi River. Capture a significant landmark photo on the train tracks and visit the revered Buddha image at Tham Krasae Cave.

Huahin railway

Next, take a train ride to the beautiful sea in Prachuap Khiri Khan province. Hua Hin station offers a picturesque view with the splendid royal waiting room built during King Rama IV’s reign. It’s an iconic feature of the station, where visitors must take photos and check in. The station is just 1 kilometer away from Hua Hin Beach. Enjoy water activities, sunbathing, or relaxing by the sea.

Lopburi railway

Travel to the Lopburi province for a unique experience along the water at the Khok Salung station. This special route operates only for three months each year. Enjoy the view of the floating railway high above water, capturing essential highlights. Take photos against the backdrop of the dual-sided Saphan It Dam, making it look like the train is floating above the water. Disembark at the Khok Salung station, take a train to the dam, pay respects to the revered Luang Pu Yaai at Wat Paa Sak, and explore the freshwater fish museum inside the dam.

Take a train ride to Amphawa, another famous route with a significant highlight, passing through the umbrella market. As the train passes, vendors quickly fold their umbrellas to let the train through. It’s an unseen side of Thailand’s charm. Tourists gather to capture photos. While in Amphawa, don’t miss the Amphawa Floating Market. Easily explore it with the two-row vehicle and savor renowned market delicacies.

Lastly, take a train ride to Lamphun and enjoy the stunning natural route. Travel in a sleeper car and disembark at the Khun Tan station. It’s situated within the Doi Khun Tan National Park, the highest station in Thailand at 578 meters above sea level. The railway tunnel here is over 1.3 kilometers long. Explore the Khun Tan mountain, camp, trek, and visit waterfalls. Nature enthusiasts shouldn’t miss this spot.

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