What most parts of Thailand, may lack in truly massive convention and exhibition venues, they make up for with variety, quality and service.


To motivate people to invest efforts at work, they must be offered something more than a pleasant experience. It isn’t only a trip, but also an enlivened experience.


Located right at the heart of Asia, with excellent connections throughout the region, Thailand is the natural venue both for regional and major international.


Events at which products and services which we proud of are displayed to connect the worldwide people and manifest what we have.

M.I.C.E in Thailand is a company, which is specialized and expert at travel organizing, based on the experiences being in this skill for more than eight years. Our goals, in the present, is to focus on MICE since we expect to serve or provide you, international visitors, with the international standard for all matters: airfares, hotels, activities, sightseeing places, visiting places, shopping zones, facilities, limousine service, and so on.

We do our best to guarantee your finest visiting. We are one of well known travel agent companies by which one of our specialist is arranging places for MICE, taking you traveling or touring around, visiting attractive places, and, otherwise, providing you for your convenience.

Our Services for M.I.C.E


We are aware of providing Meetings to be impressive, concerning our professional manner, we understand that every single meeting is important, either just for a small number of people, or especially a large number of people encountering will be much more sufficient since everything is to be prepared perfectly, so that you can count on us supplying your needs.

Getting to know your clients, partners and grasping successful goals, are parts of our assistance; we are here to complete your desires, expectation, or objectives.

We are ready to ensure that your meetings will be arranged in an excellent environment and surrounded with all factors you require. We will surely be your supporter who facilitates you as you wish.


One of the methodologies to motivate your company and your employees is the Incentive travel which is a highly commendable prize for them.

After working hard for so long to gain the reward, we would appreciate to be a part of your team to operate a great Incentive tour.

With our preparation and creativity, your company will always be full of joy, happiness, and fun all the period of time your people spend in our hands.

No matter large or small budget, we are cable of creating a superb program for you, concerning your special attractions.

Let us formulate such a memorable program that will make all of you smile, every time you and your teammates are reminiscence of.


We understand that opinion exchange and information distribution are important in business so that conference is really matter to be a complete organized.

Such conference will give visitors or audiences chances to know, learn, exchange, points of view with each other; that is to improve, modify, or adjust any plans as they wish.

We, Thaitravel Info Service, will be preparing for all details based upon you requisition. We will provide you the most suitable place for your conferences, regarding the number of people joining the conference, amplifier, projector, types of residences or hotels, and other concerned facilities.

Furthermore, extra activities would be presented as you desire. We will carefully prepare everything neatly to ensure that every moment among the conference and activities will be running on smoothly.


Another situation, important event to express your potential, is exhibitions which have to be arranged with the uniqueness of your company or products.

We will be one of your teammates who assist you prepare such impressive events that your audiences will realize your enthusiastic and energetic effort.

We will operate your ideas, thoughts, needs and create them and show them to the participants’s sights.

Concerning the environment, we will make it being friendly and easily to get to know each other as much as possible to benefit all of your visitors, which will surely improve the business relationships of your company or employees and your partners.

We are the one who will take care of your expectation and pay attention to your entire requirement.

Why M.I.C.E in Thailand

Charming thai culture

Thailand has gained a well-known reputation throughout the world for its gracious hospitality. The friendliness of its people and the diverse nature of Thai culture make visitors feel at home in Thailand.

Worthwhile for arrival

Strength of variety and “value for money” since Thailand is one of the least expensive places to fly to in Asia.

Convenient & Luxury

The country has strong business ties with China and has an excellent infrastructure as well as world-class facilities in many resort towns.

Friendly natives

Thailand is a welcoming Buddhist country. The country’s form of government – constitutional monarchy – allows democratic processes and reforms, and is balanced by the Thai people’s peace-loving nature.