Lost in Pai…Mae Hong Son

Pai Maehongson

Entering the winter season, the northern part of Thailand becomes one of the destinations that many people are interested in. This is due to the cool weather, mountainous landscapes with mist, and another destination that we don’t want you to miss is Pai,Mae Hong Son. Pai is a small town in Mae Hong Son Province, a small town amidst the hills and nature with comfortable cool weather, perfect for relaxation, escaping the hustle and bustle of society, and immersing yourself in nature. You can visit throughout the year, a place that will recharge your energy fully and undoubtedly.

Kong lan canyon

The first must-see spot is Kong Lan, characterized by red dirt hills, bamboo forests, and pine forests. The highlight of this tourist spot is the steep cliffs eroded by natural phenomena such as wind and rain, forming narrow paths on the mountains, nestled amidst the overlapping hills. This outstanding beauty earned Kong Lan the nickname “Pai Canyon” in Mae Hong Son.

Pong hot spring

For those who want a comfortable and relaxing experience, Pong hot springs are also available, about 15 kilometers from Pai town. These natural hot springs are surrounded by rich nature, characterized by small pools of clear green water, with visible rocks and sand beneath. The water is not deep, with a temperature of 30-32 Celsius, making it perfect for a relaxing soak.

Wat Luang Pai

In addition to its beautiful natural scenery, Pai also has a Wat Luang, which serves as the cultural heart of the town. This temple is located near Pai Municipal Market in walking street. Inside the temple, you can find a large chedi (stupa) in the grand Thai art style, set against a beautiful backdrop in the temple, as well as large Buddha statues.


Relax and let go, and travel to Pai with us.


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