Escape the heat. Enjoy the mist.

sea of fog

The winter season, which may not be very cold, prompts many people to start looking for places to escape the heat on weekends or during the long holidays at the end of the year. Thailand has many interesting landmarks to escape the heat. When it comes to cooling off, cool weather and sea mist are among the fascinating things often found in places with cool weather. Where are the beautiful sea mist and pleasant weather? Let’s check it out together.

Phu chi fa

Phu Chi Fa: One of the first places many people think of when they want to escape the heat and enjoy the beautiful sea mist is located in Chiang Rai province. The breathtaking scenery, with cliffs pointing towards the sky, offers a panoramic view. During the winter, you can almost always enjoy the sea mist in the early morning.

Phu tub berk

Phu Tub Berk: The highest peak in Phetchabun, another landmark with cool and comfortable weather almost all year round. During the winter, there is a sea mist to admire from the long rainy season to the winter season. On some days, you can see the sea mist all day long.

Doi samer dao

Doi Samer Dao: Another spot with cool weather where you can camp and fully enjoy the sea mist in the morning in Nan province. In addition to having sea mist in the morning, you can also see the starry sky at night.

Phu thok

Phu Tok: A spot to enjoy the mist and cool air in Loei province, near the famous landmark Chiang Khan. It’s a place where you can travel, shop, enjoy the fresh air, take beautiful photos, and also admire the sea mist in the morning.

Doi ang khang

Doi Ang Khang: A viewpoint to enjoy the sea mist and cool air in Chiang Mai province. Apart from enjoying the sea mist, there is a beautiful view of tea plantations, and flower gardens, and during early January, you can also see Sakura at the agricultural station and tiger flower blossoms.
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