Holidays when parents have free time to spend with their children are undoubtedly precious. Taking the opportunity to go out and engage in activities together creates wonderful moments. Today, we have some recommended places where both children and adults can enjoy activities and have a great time together. Let’s make this holiday joyful and refreshing.

Starting with a popular option that many might consider first when taking children out – a zoo. However, what makes this khao kheow open zoo special is that it’s an open zoo where visitors can get up close and touch various rare and exotic animals not commonly found in Thailand. There are also special shows featuring some unique animals, providing both entertainment and educational value. If you finish here and want to continue the fun by going to the beach, that’s also possible.

For kids who enjoy physical activities, testing their abilities, and love bouncing around, BOUNCE INC is another interesting option. It’s a trampoline park with various zones suitable for both children and adults. It’s a place where both kids and adults can have fun together and play without worrying about safety, as trained instructors are present in all areas of the park.

Finally, there’s another interesting place where you can engage in multiple activities – the Happy and Healthy Bike Lane. This is the only place where various activities such as bike riding, spacious areas for running and playing, picnic spots, skateboarding, and surf skating are available. For those inclined towards a healthy lifestyle, there’s also a running track. For those who may not be into activities, you can simply stroll up to Sky Lane to enjoy the view or go up to watch planes take off and land at Suvarnabhumi Airport.
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