Flow with Nature, Erawan National Park.

Erawan waterfall

Kanchanaburi, aside from its historical tourist attractions, also stands out for its natural beauty. It is a province with many hidden and beautiful waterfalls, one of the most renowned is Erawan Waterfall.
Erawan Waterfall is located in the Erawan National Park and comprises a total of 7 tiers, each with its own unique beauty. The frontal cascade in the 7th tier, when flowing vigorously, resembles three-tiered elephants, hence the name ‘Erawan National Park.’ The water is clear and clean, allowing for refreshing swims. The natural pools are teeming with diverse fish, and the lush forests create a rich ecosystem that captivates anyone who visits. Enjoying the cool water, breathing in pure air, and immersing yourself in nature contribute to a rejuvenating experience.
Erawan National Park is open for visitors everyday from 7:00 to 16:30, except during the rainy season when it’s advisable to check the opening days and times due to the possibility of heavy rain preventing access to the park.”
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