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21 January 2018
บริษัททัวร์ บริษัททัวร์
Tasting Kaeng Song Coffee and Rafting on the Khek River

Tasting Kaeng Song Coffee and Rafting on the Khek River

Date: 3 - 4 July 2010

For those who like adventure, excitement and want to conquer the difficult rapids of the Khek River, then raft along this river that is full of fun. The rapids on the Khek River are admired by rafters as one of the most suitable for this kind of activity in Thailand. The route starts at Sap Praiwan Village, Kaeng Sopa Subdistrict, Wangthong District to the upper part of the Kaeng Song Waterfall. The Khek River rapids start with a calm current and little by little increases to stronger levels until the highest level (Level 5) at the final stage. The distance is a total of 8 kilometres lasting over 3 hours. Rafting on the river is very safe because rafters would receive orientation and practice on how to row, floating along the current, getting on and off the inflatable rubber dinghy, and listening for instructions of the helmsman. Tourists must use the international standard equipment such as lifejacket and helmet. The helmsman has passed an international standard training course. Besides being enjoyable and adventurous, tourists would have an opportunity to taste Kaeng Song coffee which is the original local Arabica coffee which is strong and fragrant.

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