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23 September 2019
บริษัททัวร์ บริษัททัวร์

   How do I make a preparation for my coming up getaway plan?

Here are the very important documents that you can not leave your country without. And you must check them for an update every time before travel to other country.

  • Passport if you haven't got your passport yet the first thing you must do is click here But if you already have then check if the passport is not going to be expired within the next 6 months counting from your travel returned date. For instant if you plan on travel to France on May 15th and return on May 20th. Your passport should have at least 6 months period available from the 20th May.

  • Visa for the country that you want to go before you plan to go to any country you need to check whether you need visa to enter that particular country or not. You can check with the consulate officer of that country that is located in Thailand or go to their website. You can also using our customer service as well if you have purchased the tour package of that particular country.
    In case you need to request for the visa You might need to have some extra time for the visa proceeding period and the approval document to show the consulate how would you like to visit that particular country. As for some country Thai Travel Center can provide you the requesting visa service which you can visit us for more detail.
    In case you don't need to request for visa these countries are Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and etc. They will give you visa or not depend on their judgment once you are at entering country gate. Therefore you don't need to make a visa before go to these countries.

  • Airplane ticket to book an airplane ticket. You should buy it as soon as you are certain with your travel schedule. You can also book your ticket couple months ahead at Thai Travel Center without any expenses. You also can cancel your ticket as long as the ticket hasn't been printout to you yet. However you must be aware of some type of ticket especially with the promotion prices. Because the airline usually forces to printout the ticket to you right away. And they won't give customer much time to decide either. Otherwise your ticket might be cancelled. And with some case you will need to wait for the visa result before buy the ticket. In this case our staff will inform you to make a decision.

Therefore 3 cases above are the most important things that you need to consider in an earlier step every time when you are planning for travel.

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